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" A cinematographic marriage between ‘mad-scientist’ Hollywood dramas from the 1930s, and juicy B-films from the 1960s complete with a strong eccentric female protagonist”


The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes is a unique action, musical, science fiction film that  has found new life as a webisode series. The project started in 2009 as an experimental short film called “Behind the Eyes are the Ears”, shot primarily on 16mm, black and white film.  The filmmaking process started with writing a series of songs based on the story in Roger Corman’s “The Man with the X-ray Eyes.  The experimental short showed in various museum and independent film venues and was collected by the Museum of Modern Art.  

The feature film and webisodes star Michole Briana White who was cast based on the depth of her performance in Ava Duvernay’s first feature “I Will Follow” and for her soulful singing, and comic instincts.  The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2015, and played at various festivals including: New Horizons, Poland; Imagine Science Film Festival New York (won Outstanding Feature); Dutch International Science Film Festival (nominated for Audience Award) ; Maine International Film Festival, Cinequest (San Jose), and others. 

To develop the film into a web series, The Strange Eyes of Dr Myes was one of ten projects chosen to participate in Independent Film Project’s (IFP) Screen Forward Labs. 

Now, the 8 webisodes in the original first season follow Dr. Sheri Myes, who after a near-death experience uses brain science to revolutionize human consciousness. She must face the consequences when she makes herself a research subject and transforms into a creature with super senses. The genre-busting web series incorporates elements of   live-action, musical, animation, science fiction, and afro-futurism.