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 (16mm film, 35 mins, 1998, written, directed, cinematography, editing, puppets and animation by Nancy Andrews)

Hedwig Page was born with an uncanny knowledge of cataloguing.  She could recite Dewey Decimal categories before she could read and she could read before all else.  She obviously pities, but does not excuse, your ignorance of the Holdings of the Library.  Hedwig is the personification of applied skill, a Delphi of learning.  And, Hedwig Page has some problems.  This is the story of renowned librarian, collector and inventor, Hedwig Page.   The piece chronicles the life of a retired librarian, past and present.

Selected Exhibitions: MADCAT , 5th Annual Women’s International Film Festival and Tour, 2001; Maine International Film Festival, 2001; Puppetroplis Film Festival, Chicago, 2001; Ann Arbor Film Festival and Tour, 2001; Black Maria Film and Video Festival and Tour, 2000; Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, 2000; Museum of Modern Art, NY, 2000; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley Art Museum, 2000 

This film was developed as a performance with film and then later, the film segments were combined to make the "film only"version. 

This film has shown internationally and was collected by The Museum of Modern Art.